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Welcome to our website! We are the Berlin Skylarks, the baseball and softball division of the TiB 1848 e.V. We are open to anyone who wants to play baseball and softball in the heart of Berlin, regardless of age, nationality, gender or previous playing experience. All you have to do is write us a quick message and come to one of our practices. 
We have teams at every level of competition, so there are no tryouts or anything similar – you just drop by and we will find a place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact?

If you want to play baseball, contact us here and share a bit of information about yourself (name, age, previous playing experience); he then will tell you the appropriate day to join a practice.  Even though it may sometimes seem that way, baseball is by no means a men's sport, we are open to all genders.

If you're interested in fast-pitch softball, there are two options: A women-only team that plays in official competitions and a fun-oriented mixed-gender team.
For both, contact the softball department directly: (softball@tib-baseball.de).

If you are looking to play slow-pitch softball, please use the contacts on their own website here.

Do I have to know German?

That's a clear no. Although the majority of players and coaches are German, we have team members from all over the world and nearly everyone understands and speaks English and will switch to accommodate you, so you won't feel isolated at practice or during games at any point.

What are the practice times and locations?

During the season (April through October) practice takes place at Gail S. Halvorsen Park, our home ballpark in the heart of Berlin at the north edge of Tempelhof Field (the nearest subway station is Südstern [U7])
Times are usually from 6:30pm roughly till sunset. Though in principle there is practice every day and you could just show up, please use the contact information beforehand so that we can recommend you the best day for your playing level and experience.

During the offseason (November – March) we practice indoors in various different gyms that tend to change from year to year. So if you want to join during the winter, always contact a team member first.

For detailed information please refer to the page “Training.”

Do I have to buy equipment?

If you're just starting, you just need sports clothing and shoes suitable for play on grass and dirt – everything else can be borrowed. There is no need to buy or bring any baseball/softball equipment for your first practices with us – although you can bring your own glove if you have one.

What are the costs of joining the club?

You can attend practice 4 times for free with no commitment. Afterwards, you have to join the club to continue and also play in games. As of the 2020 season, the membership fee is 321€ per year for adults, 237€ for students under the age of 25, apprentices and recipients of social welfare and 186€ for under 18s. Further reductions are possible if you're already a member of one of the TiB's other sports divisions.

These fees only apply to our teams that play in organized competition. Membership fees for recreational Softball are lower.

How can I join?

Please refer to this page to download the membership application form (Eintrittserklärung). Unfortunately, there is only a German version, but any native speaker among the team members will happily help you with filling it out (they're German, after all, so they love buraucracy).

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